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1) AL4A does NOT Support Child Pornography or allow any of the key words associated
with it such as "Lolitas" "Preteens" etc..This also includes your promotional banners
and meta tags. Violations of this rule will result in you and your site being banned for
life. Same rules apply for Beastiality or Scat .

2) No pages with pop ups, consoles, exe. files, or frames. We will ban you for this!

3) No thumbs that open into new html pages with banners on the pics page. Pictures
must not open into seperate windows. You must be able to return to thumb page using
your browser's back button.

4) We will not link pages with more than 2 banners or click-thru text links. If you are
using a Free-Host you may only use one banner or text link.

5) No Numeric ISP #'s such as Please submit with a valid domain.

6) Do NOT submit the same page or url twice. Make a new page if you want to resubmit.

7) You can submit one gallery every 2 days. You can submit to Worldsex on the other day.

8) Thumb pages must have at least 15 pics per page and more is BETTER!

Movie pages should have 20 sec clips minimum! We're getting a LOT of them and we can only list so many each day. 9) No deceptive advertising such as banners that look like thumbs or text links that say
"Next Page", "Gallery 2", "Home", etc. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT OF FULL DISCRETIONARY

10) Our recips have changed, we will only accept text recips like the ones below from now on:

UPDATE - 11 JUNE 2005 Starting today I will only list galleries with these NEW recips

You can find the NEW recips here

11) NEW RULE !! Please read!
Thanks to our friends 'the cheaters' we will from now on only accept galleries from registered webmasters (who have a username/ password)
If you have these, go ahead and submit, if you don't, you can get one here. If you forgot your password, you can request it here. But don't email me for an account.

Please note that we require clean galleries, sponsors with no popups are required. Galleries with lots of popups and dialers in the popups at the sponsors are rejected without being looked at. This also counts for sponsors who use geo filtering. You can also loose your submit account on this for waisting our time. Also we require that a surfer should be able to return to the gallery/ al4a by clicking on the back button.

If you have troubles getting listed and you think your gallery is a true money machine. You can contact Cybercatinc for rates and information

Contact Us Today For More Information

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You can loose your account if you didn't read and applied rule #11 (the one about the popups/dialers at your sponsor).

If you do this anyway, we just assume you're a bot and a cheater and blacklist your ass and tell your parents and neighbours you're in the porn biz so they keep on asking if you're acting in the movies yourself and tell you how dissapointed they are in you and how they always thought you would end up working in a suit at a bank or something.
And we will call Oprah too!!!!

Please note: Having a premium account doesn't guarantee a listing.

* The recips have changed as of 11 June 2005. Make SURE you have changed yours... find the new ones here

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